The concept of RemediATES


RemediATES (= Remediation combined with Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage) is the name given to the combination of sustainable Heat/Cold storage and biological groundwater treatment.

The scientific research of RemediATES started in 2010 by Tim Grotenhuis at Environmental Technology of Wageningen University within the Dutch project 'Meer met Bodemenergie'. This applied research project aimed at improvement of energy storage combined with the development of a better legislation and a better understanding of the microbiology in the subsurface by Deltares, If-Technology, Bioclear earth and Wageningen Universiteit.


In a more fundamental PhD research Tim Grotenhuis was the copromotor of Wijb Sommer en Zhuobiao Ni. This research about optimization of energy storage and the combination of ATES (Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage) with treatment of contaminated groundwater at Wageningen University was finalized in 2015.

Sustainable Urban Innovation



Thereafter success full pilots were performed in Utrecht (NL) and close to Copenhagen (DK) within the European Climate-KIC project ‘Europe-wide Use of Sustainable Energy from aquifers’ (E-USE(aq)).

In 2020 presentations at several congresses were planned upon the results of the Danish RemediATES pilot Hammerbakken in Birkerød of the Capital region of Denmark close to Copenhagen.

Congresses & papers


In 2021 the results of the Danish pilot will be presented at three international congresses by Mette Christophersen (Head of Department, Rambøll Denmark).

In 2020 two papers were published on market opportunities of RemediATES and a life-cycle assessment (LCA).

Stadswende and RemediATES


Stadswende supports municipalities with implementation of innovative technologies upon transition to sustainable cities. RemediATES is one of these innovative technologies. The power of RemediaATES is the production of sustainable energy together with the purification of contaminated groundwater.   

Sportscenter Wegelegen, Utrecht (NL) in E-Use aq 

Concept of RemediATES in summer (left) and winter (right)

Special Issue Implementation of RemediATES


In 2024 a Special Issue in the scientific journal Frontiers in Water will be prepared upon the 'Implementation of RemediATES'.

The aim is to present all relevant information upon a wide variety of topics that are involved in the introduction of a new technology that has links to groundwater remediation, sustainable energy production as well as spatial planning and design.

Tim Grotenhuis participates in the editor team of this Special Issue.

The call for abstract is open till 18 February 2024. You can find more information upon the Special Issue 'Implementation of RemediATES' here.